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How to|| Clean your make up brushes

One of the things that contribute to breakouts when using make up, is using dirty brushes. So for safety sake, its better to clean your brushes regularly. So here are a few tips on how you can easily clean your brushes

What you need:

  • Dish washing liquid
  • Extra Virgin olive oil or normal olive oil
  • A saucer or bowl
  • Basin
  • Cold Running tap water
  • Towel
  • Your hands

What to do:

Step one: Mix the Dish washing liquid and Olive oil together on the saucer to form a solution

Step two: Make your brush slightly wet and make sure to hold it with the brush facing down at all times when it comes in contact with water to avoid  damaging the glue that holds the brush together

Step Three: Dip your bristles into your solution

Step four: Brush against your palm until it is clean

Step Five: Rinse the soap out (make sure the brush is facing down)

Step Six: Squeeze the access water out.  (for blending sponge this step will show you if the sponge is clean on the inside as the water will come out clean)

Step Seven: lay your brushes on your towel, cover them up and then lay them to dry

How to clean your make up brushes


And it is as easy as that.  It took me about 30 mins to clean them up  and a lot of hours to to dry them up.

How do you clean your brushes ? Let me know.

See ya later

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