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How I detangle my natural hair

detangling natural hair

For me detangling my natural hair is a painful moment. Not literally *giggles* What I mean is that I am the type of person that can’t sit for too long doing one thing so I get very impatient. I found a way around this. Detangling doesn’t take an hour. I minimized that to 30 mins on a bad day. If you would like to know exactly what I do, keep on reading.

What you need

  • Leave in conditioner or a detangling lotion
  • Water in a spray bottle (Optional for major damage control)
  • An oil of your choosing (I prefer JBCO)
  • Wide tooth comb
  • 3 or 4 Hair bands

Step 1: Section your hair into four parts for manageability. tie up three section and leave one out.

Step 2: Apply a generous amount of your detangling lotion to the section

Step 3: Follow up with your oil

Step 4: divide that section into smaller (but not to small) subsections and start detangling from the tip down.

Step 5: When detangling, Hold your hair close to the tip and detangle above where you are holding until the comb slides through and then keep going down until you are at your roots

Step 6: After detangling twist that section up or if you have clips you can pin it down to separate from undetangled hair.

Continue with the rest of the section and move on to the next. and that is it.


For demonstration purposes, I have filmed a video detangling my hair before washing my hair. Please also check out my YouTube channel and Subscribe for hair and beauty videos!

How do you handle your detangling session? Lets chat in the comment section below!


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