Essence Soft Touch Mousse Foundation

Essence Soft Touch Mousse Foundation

The thing about makeup is that it can be expensive! Most of the time good quality makeup can be pricey but gone are the days where there aren’t any affordable good quality makeup. In this  will be chatting about the Essence Soft Touch Mousse Foundation

I have a love hate relationship with Essence. It’s no secret. Love because they have some great products and hate because when it comes to complexion products they lack inclusivity.

Essence Soft Touch Mousse Foundation Matt Hazelnut

Some time last year, We as women of colour took to twitter to complain about this when they released a foundation with absolutely NO DARK SHADES! It was absurd! But then they did the right thing and created more darker shade to expand to their current range and also launched a new foundation. I do have a post on how to match yourself properly you can have a read here In this post, I want to specifically focus on the Soft touch mousse foundation.

Essence Soft Touch Mousse Foundation Matt Mahogany

I remember back in the day, this range has Fair shades then, Caramel and Mahogany which in reality didn’t cater to black diverse complexions! I for one didn’t have a shade in this range. Now they have expended the shade range and created more shades for women of colour. Even though I feel like we shouldn’t have gotten to this place to begin with but credit should be given where due so Thank you essence for listening and correcting this.

Essence Soft Touch Mousse Foundation Shade Range/Match

Alrighty now that we have caught up, Lets get into the shades that I have in my arsenal.

  1. 60 Matt Mahogany
  2. 56 Matte Hazelnut
  3. 50 Matt Caramel
  4. 43 Matt Toffee
  5. 40 Matt Toast

56 Matt Mahogany and 54 Matt Hazelnut I got for my mom , 50 Matte Caramel was initially my sisters but it was light for her so she passed it onto to me. This is how I first interacted with the product. More on that later.

On Me, Matte Caramel is darker than my skin tone and it is red. I could however get away with it for as long as I apply lightly and I stay indoors because when I step out in the sun I look like I am having an allergic reaction and I am red!

40 Matte Toast is slightly lighter than me and also has a bit of a pink tone. It is not as bad as caramel though. I could also easily get away with Toast.

43 Matte Toffee seems to be the perfect match for me actually. I would mix it with Toast to give it a bit of a boost, but Toffee is for me.

Consistency, finish and longevity.

When I tried out Caramel for the first time, I loved how soft it is to the touch and how soft it applies to the skin as well I love that about this. The product promises a natural and matte finish. Natural, yes, it blends beautifully on my sister, it looked like she is not wearing makeup and has smooth satin skin.

The finish is Matte at application and lasts for about 4 to 5 hours. It does however oil up during the course of the day.

Coverage is Medium to full coverage. When I apply it to my pimple marks it hides them enough but will definitely need a second coat to completely conceal

Price point,

Essence is very affordable, this foundation retails for R79.99 at Clicks, Dischem or Foschini Stores. Which is a good buy.

I will have a full review of the Essence Soft Touch Mousse Foundation on my YouTube Channel click here to subscribe so that you don’t miss it

Have you ever tried the Essence soft touch mousse foundation or any mousse foundation? I am interested to know how you feel about mousse foundation, please let me know in the comment section below

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