First impression: Brinea Pilaten Face Mask

First impression: Brinea Pilaten Face Mask

I have only ever used a facial mask twice before this and it was basically my sister and I having a home day spa and it was over 3 years ago. So I was quiet intrigued when I received the Brinea Pilaten Face Mask from Ruby Box.

The purpose of the Brinea Pilaten face mask is to pull black heads and any other impurities on your skin. So I decided to use it to remove any impurities from my face since I don’t really have or get black heads.

Direction of use

Steam you face to open up your pores

Pat your face dry. Do not rub otherwise your pores will close again

Apply a layer of the mask to your face

Allow to dry for 15 to 20 minutes

when dry, peel the mask off


Starting with the product itself, I received the sachet which is in a glossy black sachet and was enough for single use. The product in itself had a medium consistency so its not to thick and not too runny and it is black in colour. Call me weird but the colour really excited me

I used the mask as instructed. As it dried it felt tighter on my face which felt quiet therapuetic. I sat for 20 minutes reading an ebook while drinking some warm lemon water and then peeled it off.  My face felt so soft and smooth! which means that the mask is very good. The only downer that I experienced was that it stung when i peeled it off due to the fine hairs on my face which I just discovered I have but that is not a train smash. All in all, I give it a thumbs up and would definitely use it again.

First impression: Brinea Pilaten Face Mask

If you would also like to treat yourself to the Brinea Pilaten face mask, you can buy on for R29 per sachet,  R170 for the 60g tube or 8 pack sachet.

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