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Five Tips for keeping your hair moisturized and soft

Five Tips for keeping your hair moisturized and soft

One thing that most naturals struggle with is how to retain moisture and keep your hair so soft. I have a few hacks on how I keep mine soft and moisturized keep on reading

1. Start from within: keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water. Trust me it helps
2. Moisturize daily/ twice a day: you need to moisturize your hair every day or twice a day depends on what your hair wants. If it feels dry moisturized and if it feels moisturized feel free to skip a session.
3. Seal your hair: Sealing helps to lock the moisture in your hair.
4. Deep condition weekly: weekly treatments help to feed that needed moisture to your hair
5. LCO/ LOC method: I personally love the LCO method every other day. I have a blog post all about LCO method which you can read here
Those are my five tips if you have any other tips please leave them in the description box below.

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