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Hair Review: Darling Super Star Vs X-pression ultrabraid

Even though there are ready made braids for crocheting, I challenged myself to actually pre braid them myself. I must say I am proud of my outcome. I think I have a good hand when it comes to braiding because for a first timer, my results are pretty good. I was weary of whether to do a post or not because a felt I can’t tutor based on a first attempt, but from the experience, I feel I can give some tips for anyone that wants to give it a go so I will have a video for that. This post is however a review of the two types of hair that I used.

Darling Super Star vs X-pression

Darling Super Star in #1 (black)

I picked up this pack because it had two Pieces in one pack and was about R 10.00 more than the competition. I started with this one and got about 42 braids out of both pieces.  I found that this brand didn’t tangle alot and was easy to part. However the one downer was pulling the ends out  to rid the blunt ends was quiet a task.  so with two ups and one down. I rate this hair piece 4 out of 5 and I would definitely use it again in future.

Available at Clicks  for R55.00


X-pression Ultra Braid in #350 (Orange Red)

This is a well known and highly used product in my country so when I planned on this hair style it was on the top of my mind. The prior product nearly won me over though at the shop because it offered more product for pretty much the same amount. It was however, saved by the specific colour because I wanted two toned braids and for some reason black and Orange Red called out to me. I found that this product tangles A LOT! and is harder than the above to part. However, it was very easy to pull the blunt ends and it feels very nice to braid. It was truly made for braiding. and I find that the finished braid looks better than the above. With this pack I got 32 braids. So this product also gets 4 out of 5.

Available at Clicks for R40.00

Darling Super Star vs X-pression


Which one will I used in future? Honestly both because the good outweighs the bad but if I really had to choose, X-pression would take the cup only because of how good it feels to braid it and the braid  looks slightly better. but aside from the politics, both products are good products.

Short and sweet right? Thank you for tuning in and look out for my how to video!

I will see you later.



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