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Hair Update June 2017

Hair Update June 2017

It has been a minute since I gave you guys an update as to how my hair is doing. I found myself having the same thing to say about my hair so I decided to space them out a bit. In a nutshell, If I have anything exciting to tell about my hair I will do so on a monthly otherwise I will update you guys should anything change.

The last time I had a hair update, I had just had a wig on for 4 weeks and I was planning on leaving my hair out for a month,  having protein treatments and moisture treatments. me being me it didn’t quiet go down like that!


First three weeks of May

I had my hair our for about a week, had a wash day and threaded my hair as an attempt to stretch it. For some reason, I started feeling so lazy I wigged my hair over the treading for about three weeks using my big curly hair wig. I moisturized my hair every other day with my moisturizing spritz. I didn’t wash my hair for three weeks that is how lazy I was.

Hair Update June 2017

Big Curly Hair wig

Last week of may

I had a wash day after three weeks which I had protein treatment with and decided to define my curls! which I did! I will have a tutorial up for that. My curls lasted for over a week!! I liked that and then I didn’t like it but that is a post all on its own, coming soon so stay tuned for that.


I was worried that my hair will suffer but honestly it didn’t. My breakage decreased but my hair is feeling a bit crunchy which I don’t really like but its nothing a bit of moisture TLC can’t fix.


I am planning to have another long term protective style for June and a bit of July. I am planning to install darling crochet braids again and I am planning to film it this time ☺

I am also planning to practice  my hair as weekly protective style until the long-term!




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