How to// Apply Foundation for a flawless finish

How to apply foundation

Although the easiest step, this is also the trickiest because things can go so wrong so quickly for example: Harsh lines (tell tale lines) and that is not pretty. So, I decided to come and give tips on how to properly apply foundation.

Make sure you choose the right type of foundation. This will depend on what you are looking for be it light coverage, medium coverage or full coverage. this is subject to preference.

Make sure that you choose your perfect colour. This makes everything so much easier trust me.

What you need:


Foundation brush

or Blending sponge


Step one: Wash your face and moisturize it first before applying your foundation

Step two: Apply your primer of choice

Step three: Pour a pump or a little bit of your foundation on the back of your hand for easy application

Step four: apply the foundation to your face with your finger for even distribution (optional)

Step five: Blend your foundation into your skin until it is smooth and there are no lines. Dab it onto your skin to avoid brush strokes lines or use your blending sponge for If you bypassed step four then you can proceed to picking up some foundation with your brush and blending it onto your face in dabbing motions

and before you know it, applying foundation would be like second nature it’s all a matter of practice.

I will film a video on how to apply foundation so look out for that.

How to you get that flawless finish? Let me know in the comments below.


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