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How to: Thread your hair to stretch it

How to: Thread your hair to stretch it

There are many ways to stretch your natural hair one of which is threading. I used to tread my processed hair a lot when air drying too so this method is just as good for relaxed hair. This can be done to damp or dry hair.

Here is what you need:

  1. Wide tooth comb
  2. Leave in conditioner or moisturizer
  3. Oil
  4. Wool

How to: Thread your hair to stretch it

On freshly washed damp hair, section your hair into four sections. (on dry hair, detangle your hair thoroughly).

Apply your leave in conditioner or moisturizer  to the section

Seal with your oil

Start threading from your scalp to your tip. I tie the length my hair with the wool. I tie around twice at the scalp to make sure the wool holds and make a knot at the tip for the same reason.

If on dry hair, I let my hair air dry for a while then wrap with a satin scarf over night ( if I have that privilege lol)  and on dry hair I wrap my hair over night.


When you unravel the threads,

Apply some oil or even your moisturizer to your hands.

Slowly and gently unravel the thread starting from the tip down to your scalp

fluff and separate your hair in a desired style!

How to: Thread your hair to stretch it


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