Morphe 35O palette

Morphe 35O Palette with shade names

The Morphe 35O palette has always been a firm fave of mine! I saw overseas beauty bloggers rave about Morphe and I lusted after this palette for a very long time! Until I had it on my Birthday Wish List and My dear friend @byLungi got it for me as a birthday pressie! I was over the moon. This was hands down one of the best bday gifts ever!

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You will love this palette because it has warm neutrals which can cater for day time simple looks and it also ranges to some dark and glam shades which can easily turn to a night time look! This calls for a daytime to nighttime makeup tutorial doesn’t it?

So who exactly is this palette for? Everyone!! If you are new, you will love it the neutral colours makes it user friendly and you can get away with many different simple one or two shade looks.

If you are into natural eyeshadow looks, this is also home for you. There are so many browns and subtle golds to choose from.

If you are a glam stan, this palette has got you. You can achieve a beautiful smoky eye from it. Over and above, this is a very versatile palette

Pigment and Shades

After all pigment is a big deal when it comes to eyeshadow. You want your eyeshadow to pull through without having to spend many hours trying to build up the colour or having to jump through fire hoops to get the colour of the shadow to show.

Morphe 35O

The pigment on this palette is insane and the shades apply beautifully and soft. They blend well too which is another important factor.

This palette consists of 13 Shimmer shades, 2 Sheen and 20 Matte Shades two off which are more of a subtle silky.

1 flaw about this palette is that it doesn’t have a mirror or shade names on the actual Palette which is quite a scandal for a palette of its caliber because we really can’t be saying “this shade” in tutorials! Change your ways Morphe. But because I love you. I did a bit of research and got a hold of the names!

Row 1 from left to right:

Up Front – Matte Crème , Popular – Vanilla sheen , Clear – Silvery Pink Shimmer , Legacy – Shimmering honey , Newest – Matte Café latte, Gossip – Matte Caramel, Extra – Matte Cayenne

Row 2:

Creams – Matte Blanched almond, Timers – Golden pink duo chrome, Glow Girl – Sandy Gold Shimmer (A Kuty Fave for sure!), Bake – Matte Fawn, Hey- Matte Orange Marmalade, Wannabe- Matte Hazelnut, Sting – Matte Amber

Row 3:

So Fetch – Matte Cinnamon, Step up – Matte Cool taupe, Darker – Matte deep taupe , Choco – Matte rosy cocoa (I loooove!) , Riches – Shimmering deep bronze, Pop – Metallic pink ice , Burnt Spice – Matte spicy tangerine

Row 4:

Yessa – Burnt bronze sheen , Sparks – Shimmering gilded bronze, Power – Matte graphite , Unreal- Matte pecan , Afterglow – Shimmering mocha, Upgrade – Shimmering Rose , Click – Matte rosewood

Row 5:

Bang – Shimmering roasted coffee, Seriously Matte walnut, Café – Matte rich taupe , Slight – Matte cocoa, Dude – matte smoky taupe, Bossy – shimmering burnished rose (Another Kuty Fave!) and Sizzle – Shimmering hot copper

Longevity and fallout

Now that we have the shades out of the way let us get into how long they last and whether there is fall out or not. If I apply the Morphe 35O palette early before work, it lasts all day so that part is great! When it comes to fall out. I have only experienced fallout when using the shade Sizzle, I haven’t used every last shade on the palette but from the many that I have used, Majory doesn’t have much fall out. Except sizzle.

Price point and availability.

Unfortunately this palette is not easily accessible in South Africa yet and if you buy from Instagram boutiques you end up paying double due to customs markups. On the Morphe Website it retails for $24 and if you purchase from a vendor like Muse beauty it costs over R650 with shipping Which makes this palette pretty much high end.

Is this product worth your buy?

In my opinion, Yes, definitely! I would recommend it to anyone, anytime provided you are willing to part with over R700 or if you are willing to be patient to buy internationally which in my opinion is worth it.

Have you tried any Morphe 35O palette? Let me know in the comment section below

  1. I have the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette and I love it so much! That one also doesn’t have a mirror on it… booo!

    1. I now have the dupe thanks to you heheheheh

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