Picking the perfect foundation

Picking the right foundation is very important when it comes to make up. You want your foundation to blend in and compliment your natural complexion.

Matte or Dewy


You either want a matte finish or a dewy finish or maybe both. Either for a different occasion. When shopping for foundation make sure that it can deliver what you want. Check the packaging or ask the consultant for help


We all have our own preference on coverage. There is light, medium and high coverage in foundations. Coverage pretty much depends on what you use the foundation for and sometimes just for the look and feel.



It is so common and I see this a lot and I have also done it. Lol! That we test foundation on our hands! Think about it, for most people our hands are not the same shade as our faces. I for one, my face is lighter than my hands and I think this is common for most of us so this is a definite no. Rather rest on the edge of your Jaw just below your ear. Reason being you get to see how it looks on your face and you also see how it looks against your neck.

Timg_20161011_190608he foundation has to cater for your undertone. I sometimes find similar shades with different undertones. I have warm undertones so my typical foundation will have a yellow-ness to it. For this though I rub it on my hand then I get to see it with my naked eye ( and my glasses off because they I tinted lol) some foundations will have a pinkish look to them even though they are your shade (which is typically for cooler undertones  and others will have yellow-ness as mentioned above.  If your foundation matches your undertone it will suit you more and look more flawless.


Your budget.

Don’t break your back in order to buy a foundation. Buy what you can afford. Unless of cause you save for it J. There are a lot of affordable stunning foundations out the so take the time to find them.


picking the right foundation


Hope this helps you find that perfect foundation for you J later my beauties


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  • Reply Lungi

    I used to be those people who tested foundation on my hands, lol!

    I also encourage getting a smaple of the foundation to try at home because the lights at the store are usually bright and you may think that the foundation matches you kanti!

    October 14, 2016 at 12:18 pm
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