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My Skin Care Routine

My Skin Care routine

I have come a long way when it comes to skin care. I started of with great skin, ruined it with experimenting, growing up and not really knowing exactly how to take care of my skin. But I think my skin care story would be a post for another day right?

I often get complements and even requests for my skin care routine/ regime and I am here to deliver.

There are 4 main things that contribute to my skin care.

  1. Drinking water
  2. Cleansing
  3. Toning
  4. Moisturizing

That is the core of my skincare routine.


Please note that I am not a dermatologist, nor am I trained or a professional in skincare. Everything in this post is based on my personal experience

Drinking water

Many underestimate how good water really is for you. I know because I was once one of those people. but getting into the habit of drinking water regularly, your skin , your hair and your overall health will thank you.


I cleanse my face everyday and every evening to remove dirt and impurities. I am very fussy when it comes to cleansers though, I prefer a cleanser that is very mild and gentle and I usually enjoy cleansers that doesn’t lather up too much. I am currently using the Eucerine Dermato Clean Refreshing Cleansing Gel or I alternate with the Clicks Skincare Collection Aloe and Omega 3+6 Cleansing Gel. I specifically like those two because they remove make up as well.


Toning for me serves as an extra step to remove dirt or make up that the cleanser or Facial wipes didn’t get to. I cannot live without toning my face. Check your cotton wool when you tone your face you will see remaining dirt on it. To tone I am currently using the Clicks Skin Care Collection Soy and Even tone naturally even toner

My Skin Care routine


After all that, I moisturize my face. I like a moisturizer that leaves my face feeling soft and moisturized! I often get hormonal pimples and sometimes they leave marks so my moisturizer should also even my skin tone. I use Eucerine Even Brighter Day Cream and Night cream.

Removing make up.

If I am wearing  make up, I remove it using Clicks Skin essentials 3 in 1 Facial Wipes or African Extracts Rooibos 3 in 1 Facial wipes (Only recently though) and then follow up with cleansing and toning to make sure that everything is off.

And that is the gist of my skin care my lovely ladies. I have filmed a video of my skin care routine, Please check it out on my channel. Please subscribe to my channel for more Hair and Beauty Videos!

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