Sorbet Age Affect Cream Cleanser

As much as we love makeup, skincare is just as important. In my opinion these two go hand in hand because in order to achieve the perfect makeup looks, you need to have and maintain good skin which is a practiced effort. Part and parcel of that is removing makeup before bed. Which is why today we are going to talk about the Sorbet Age Affect Cream Cleanser. Let’s go

The Sorbet Age Affect Cream Cleanser is a cleanser which cleanses, effectively removes makeup and soothes the skin. It contains Vitamins A, C & E and also has Q10. It promises to remove your make up, to also help your skin looking younger and fights wrinkles.

I know what you are thinking, Lebo, we are too young to be talking Anti-Ageing. I truly believe that we have to start now but none the less, this is not why I use this product, I use it solely to remove makeup and everything else is just a bonus!

How to use

Gently smooth cleanser over your face with your fingers and remove in circular motion using a cotton wool. You don’t need to cleanse this off your face.

How I use it,

I use it as per instruction except I follow up with a cleanser just to be thorough.


One thing that I truly love about this product is that it leaves my skin feeling Soft and moisturized. It removes makeup without a hassle even stubborn eyeliner. The price point is debatable, depending on how you look at it, not in a sense that it is expensive, but because it would run out quickly… well at least for me. It retails for R99 at Clicks Stores .

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