Starting out with beauty (My story)


I have always loved make up! I watched Tyra Banks’ America’s next top model and I was obsessed with the makeover part of the show. I even love movies that include any type of makeover somewhere there. When I was younger I tried to get into the modelling world my agent then advised me to get photo ready foundation, eye pencil and mascara for all my photo shoots. That was the first time I would actually get to use make up of some sort.

After using the foundation, I started heavily breaking out and every time I would use it I would break out so I started shying away from it ever since. This year I decided to try again hey it has been years maybe formulas have improved and my skin has become less sensitive and boy oh boy what a journey!

Let me tell you, 99% of the things I have learned I had no idea existed and I am so happy to have learned them. I just want to share how I felt starting out with beauty.

The first feeling was intimidation. Watching YouTube Tutorials and I thought I could never do that. People produced stunning flawless results and I was so head over heels in love with makeup looks but I felt so intimidated to try it because after all, all I knew was eye liner, mascara and sometimes lipstick. With practice I am getting there it is not that bad.

Concealer crazed. I instantly taken by highlighting with a concealer and I wanted to try it and I would always end up ashy! But by continuously doing it and find the perfect concealer I was A okay

Eyeshadow poppin! Till today I am a fan of eyeshadow I am forever amazed by different eyeshadow techniques and one of these days I will also be a pro at these amazing techniques.

Foundation envy. I liked how most ladies got this flawless finish with foundation and I was like Wasssssup! I especially liked the dewy finish. There is something about hydrated looking skin that calls to me.


At first I thought I could never do that but I am so happy that I am slowly but surely getting there. So if you are looking to venture into the beauty make up world my advice, whats a lot of youtube tutorials lol and take it one step at a time.







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