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Switching it up! Blow drying my natural hair using the tension method

blow drying my natural hair using tension method

If you watched video on my YouTube channel last week, you already have all the tea. I am basically bored with my hair journey. I feel so bound by fear of experimenting and it has reached a point where I find this whole journey redundant. Don’t get me wrong, I love my hair and I love being natural but, I want to enjoy my hair too. I want to reap the rewards of this hard journey so I decided to switch it up and experiment with my hair responsibly! Starting with blow drying my hair using the tension method.

The first time I tried this, It came out beautifully! The second time too but the weather was gloomy so my fro fell! I will include picture of both times in this post.

What you need


An oil of your choice I will be using Umera JBCO

A moisturizer  I will be using the Originalz (Nee Ultimate Organics ) hair growth lotion

A heat protectant  Dark n Lovely Amla Legend heat protectant

A wide tooth comb

A brush

Hair clips

Blow dryer

What I did

I sectioned my hair into 4 section and pinned each section away to focus on one.

I further sub sectioned for manageability.

blow drying my hair using tension method

From first attempt

I spritzed my hair with my water to make it damp. When hair is wet, it’s easier to manipulate.

I applied my moisturizer just to give it that moisture boost because blow drying tends to dry my hair out.

I sealed with JBCO for the same reasons as above and because I am trying to up my JBCO game

I applied the heat protectant because we are being responsible, protecting hair from heat damage.

I detangled my hair until it was 100% tangle free

To blow dry, I held the sub section at the tip, stretched it out and blow dried on medium setting concentrating on the roots and occasionally in roots to tip motions. So you want to blow dry until your hair is dry. To test if its dry apart from feeling it, let go of the tip. If it springs back, you still have some arm work to do and if it stays put, mission accomplished.


blow drying my hair using tension method

From first attempt

I loved wearing my hair like this because I could manage my hair easily! I could tie it up, tie it down and my favourite wear it in a fro. My is getting long so it drops  I need to find products that will help me to hold the Fro up if you know of any, please can you let me know in the comment section below!


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    Girl,your hair has grown alot.Protecting your hair from heat damage is a must.thanx for sharin

    April 5, 2018 at 2:04 pm
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