If you have been following my blog or YouTube Channel, you will know that I stan a Essence Lash princess False Lash effect queen! The green one! It is by far the best low end mascaras ever and likens to high end mascara. It gives you a great lash boost for those days when you don’t feel like falsie lashing up!Oath!

But this post will include two more from the range, known as Sculpted Volume mascara (The Purple one) and Volume Mascara ( The orange one)

The best low end mascaras

I figured if the green one was great, then surely the purple and orange ones should be too right? But we will never know until we try. So allow me to be your guinea pig

On some days, I don’t prefer to wear falsies, especially at work. I prefer a glam but more subtle look for work…

…I see a makeup for work series coming up, don’t you? I digress!

So I need a mascara that will show up and do best. My lash preference is usually long and chunky (Thick) I am also obsessed with a clean lower lash line and prominent lower lashes. If a mascara can give me this, then it is a winner in my eyes! So I decided to give these mascaras a try and I have to tell you, They didn’t come here to play!

I am impressed! I am obsessed! And I am in love! I love them almost as much as I love the green one.

The purple one

The best low end mascaras

The purple is amazing and gives volume. It fans out and darkens your lashes. The wand brush is curved in comparison to the green one which is straight and I have to say that I feel like this one takes the number one spot. Your lashes just look unreal! Which is a great thing I promise. Would I repurchase the purple one? ABSOLUTELY!

The orange one

The best low end mascaras

As luck will have it  the orange one is also good but I have to say that it’s not as good as it’s two sisters. It gives you volume yes but I feel like it skimps on the chunkiness which is one of the major things that I like. If you prefer a more prominent but subtle lash the orange one is for you. The wand brush is cobra head shapes as compared to the other two. Would I repurchase this one?? As it is I feel like I only need one of the three but because there’s no going back with the other two I’ll always have both but, I wouldn’t necessarily repurchase the orange one.

The best low end mascaras

Eliminating the risk of repeating myself, The Essences Lash Princess Mascaras are the best low end Mascaras ever!!

*** Just a note I will have a demo video on my YoUTube Channel soon click here to subscribe in the meantime . Be on the look out for that.

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This Mascara retails for R69.99 at Clicks, Dischem, Foschini and Jet.
Have you ever tried the lash princess mascaras? How do you like it?

  1. Ooooh, I’ve used the orange and purple ones, I’ll buy the green one next. Thanks for the review

    1. I hope you like it friendo. yay

  2. I haven’t found the right mascara for me honestly so I’m willing to but all 3 sisters and see what’s up

    1. Let me know how it goes 💖🌸

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