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When I say blog graphics I mean pictures, info graphics pretty much any visuals that go on my blog. I have a few ways and few sites that I use to get my pictures just perfect.

My camera does not have manual setting so that blur background that you always see, yep I create it myself.  I use Pic monkey for this. Pic monkey is an amazing photo editing website. There is so much you can do on it for free. There are some other features though that are for paid members but the free version also has sufficient features.

Taking pictures.

When you take pictures you need to make sure that it is appealing here are a few things I do

  • Make sure that I use natural light
  • Always try to add props like flowers etc.
  • Try different angles when taking pictures

So after taking an amazing picture:

  1. I upload it on pic monkey.
  2. I then crop out anything that I don’t want in the picture or any white space.
  3. I go to the effects section
  4. Then scroll down to the focal view effect
  5. I start by adjusting the view to my liking
  6. I then adjust the blur level I don’t like it tooo blurry.
  7. Then I continue to save. When saving you have three options I usually go with Sean which is the biggest and the best quality


Aah… the fun stuff when you want to put together an info doccie for your readers that they can refer to. Info graphics summarises your post and makes it easier to read. For this I use Canva.

  1. I either take the pictures myself or find them on the company website If it is a product and I want a clean white background
  2. I then upload them on canva
  3. Then I place them to my liking and export.

There is so much to play around with and it is absolutely free.

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