Tips// Customizing your blog

Your blog is your internet home, you have to love it completely and thanks to customizing, you will be able to just do that.

On my previous post about going self-hosted, I spoke about customizing your blog and I am here to give you more tips about it.


appearanceFirstly on your interface you will find your customizing function on the left tab under the appearance drop down.


The first step is choosing your theme. Before this though I would advise you to visit a few blogs and check out their themes. No, I am not saying copy the theme to the tee, but from that you will be able to get an idea of what kind of a layout you prefer and another thing to consider is whether you want a free theme or would like to invest in a theme.


There are so many theme layouts out there. A few things to consider when it comes to layouts are:

Do you want a slider at the top of your theme?

Do you want a sidebar or footer?

Do you want a list based theme or an image or grid based (most themes offer you both)

Do you want your menu on the very top or under your header?

Do you want a drop down menu?

And that is just to name a few, as you Google or browse through themes you will pick up here and there what you want

Paid or free

There are some great free themes that you can choose from WordPress theme or whichever platform you chose so take you time to browse through those.

There are also affordable paid themes that you can get if you are under a tight budget and this will be an investment. You can find these on WordPress themes, Etsy and Creative Market.



When you are choosing colours, note that these are your brand colours. I would advise to ensure that they are appealing whether they are simple or bold. Most importantly make sure that you LOVE them. Try out a few colours if you are unsure when you find yourself nodding and smiling you have your winner. I chose to keep it black and white with a hint of gold.



This is pretty much the hello of your blog. This is the first thing that your reader will see so this is where you need to put your best food forward. Make sure that you incorporate your colours when creating your header I personally prefer a clean to the point header. This will contain your blog name and a sub header if you fancy.

This can be done on Photoshop, or pic monkey. After creating it you will then upload it to the header section of your customizing interface


This is under general settings and it is the image that appears on the top left of the website tab. I rate that this makes your blog all the more professional so I would highly recommend creating one for you blog. It can also be created on the above mentioned sites.

Set your social links

Each theme is different, some themes require the actual link to your social profiles others only require your username. This will give your readers direct link to your social media profiles if they are interested in connecting with you on social media

Page Layout.

This is usually under the general tab and it will give you the options that your theme has. Whether list, grid pictures. Each theme is different



Menus can be created on your dashboard also under appearance. You can set this up before hand and then choose on the customizing page which one you want to use. You can create more than one menu


Sidebar or footer (widgets)

I personally prefer a side bar but currently I am using both. The side bar carries your profile, your categories, you social media widgets, pretty much anything you want to add there that is available as a widget. And footer can carry the same thing but I and most bloggers use it for the Instagram slider


Customizing interface is different to each theme the above is basically what every theme has. Otherwise play around with the interface and make your blog your master piece. I would also advise to ask for a second opinion from a blogger friend if you have and from someone who is not a blogger and will have a reader’s perspective.  Other than that, happy customizing J

I hope this post helps and I will see you later


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  • Reply Lungi

    I actually meant to change my favicon (I didn’t even know that it was called this) – but I couldn’t figure out how. thanks for the tip! 🙂

    September 2, 2016 at 9:36 am
    • Reply Lebok

      Pleasure my friend happy I could help

      September 2, 2016 at 10:08 am

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