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Tips// Overcoming writer’s block

There comes a time where you just don’t know what to write as a blogger. I know because I have had such a time where I just didn’t know what to post and it is completely normal. Even the greatest writers get writer’s block every now and then. I found a few ways to overcome it and I am here to share

Plan your work.

I was so bad at planning. I asked for some help from my friend Lungi of and she pulled through for me. I am on my third month of proper pen to paper (Excel sheet) planning and it is working well for me, I went from struggling to put out one post per week to being able to put out 3. So planning is KEY!

Remind yourself why you are blogging.

Take the time to go over why you are blogging. This will not give you immediate ideas but it sure will inspire your creativity.

Back to the drawing board.

Do not be afraid to brainstorm and restructure. Sometimes a writer’s block can be caused by being bored so it is okay to implement new things to your blog as long as it is in line or not to far from your blog focus

Set Goals.

I used to be so reluctant to set goals but I am telling you now, goals are miracle workers. As humans we naturally strive to be the best at what we do. The minute you have goals in mind you will do whatever you can to achieve them.  This can be the number of posts you publish per month. Remember to be realistic when setting these goals

Have monthly set posts.

Posts that you publish every month will make sure that you have something to post every month. So if your goal is 6 and you have 2 monthly posts, you then only have to plan for 4.

Make blogger friends.

Blogger friends can inspire each other. It usually helps to have someone you can talk to that understands the blogging world I promise you this will make a huge difference in your blogging career.

A writer’s block is only in the mind. You have not lost your touch, your mind just need a little motivation and boost to get the creative juices flowing again.

I hope these tips could help and Happy blogging!

See ya later

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